In the Pink

 The sedum blooms in front of our house are already turning pink!
I compared them with my pictures from last year.
They weren't this pink on the 27th in 2010, so we're ahead of last year!
*"In the pink" is an idiom meaning "in perfect condition, especially of health".)
 Above, several clumps of Surprise Lilies are in the pink among the sedum and hosta green,
while black-eyed Susan hold their own throughout the bed.
 A few hardy mums have started to bloom.
I trimmed them back around the 4th of July, but here they are.  Already blooming!
It's easy to be deceived into thinking autumn
given the cool evenings we're currently enjoying.
It may be the last year for this particular bird.
He's been vigilant at his post for more years than I realize!
My husband has repaired him to stand one more season,
but there's a limit to his endurance.


  1. You flowers are always ahead of ours. Our Sedum isn't near yours. I love them!

  2. Rebecca ! My sedum are about to go PINK too : ) and my sumac fruit is a deep rich velvety wine colour .. I love seeing the Fall colours start .. this summer has not been a great one .. the weather has been too extreme and menopausal like me ? haha .. Your garden is looking so pretty .. this last leg of gardening coming up is my favorite .. one last plant hunting trip while some of the centers are closing down .. I know there are bargains out there !! haha
    Joy : ) Enjoy your garden !

  3. Everything looks lovely Rebecca. My Sedums are flowered up now also and Mums blooming away.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Beautiful glimpses of heaven..... I'm so glad God made gardens and flowers for our enJOYment!

  5. Do NOT let the bird die. He's great, and your flowers really are all in the pink. In fact, your yard just makes me smile.. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. I love your bird, too! You can't let him go. I have hosta, but have never liked their blooms.(how odd am I?) I always break them out before they can flower. I really like your brown-eyed susans.