November Chores and More

 The frost was on the "pumpkins" this morning...
 not as bad as Sunday morning though.
Saturday evening we had some help.  Ten young men
for whom we were providing dinner grabbed items in our yard
and brought them to this general area.
My husband will sort and stack and eventually cover it all with a tarp.
The men saved us many, many steps!
 This sedum plays watchdog over the pile 
while the mums just keep on  beautifying our flower beds,
undaunted by the frost.
 I couldn't resist this last picture.  The sight was too incredible to me...
I think I'm correct in calling the bush a viburnum.


  1. Your Mums still are lovely and those berries are great.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Beautiful photos. I love all the cool stuff in your garden, all stored up for winter. And the mums and Viburnum are outstanding. Maybe it's because they're my favorite colors. Can't go wrong with pink or red. :)

  3. I love your frosty pictures!! I know what you mean about the *help* you had from the ten young men....I just taught my Sunday School girls that "Many hands make work light!" If everbunny does a little, nobody has to do a LOT.