The Inside Scoop

 a curiously healthy poinsettia purchased by my husband at Aldi's 
and watered twice since purchased w-a-y before Christmas...
...a forlorn and forgotten Christmas cactus 
and not a bit bigger than when it came home with me
a year ago (maybe TWO years ago)...
...a fine plant that also thrives on neglect.
That's the inside scoop.
(You're probably wondering why I have a "gardening" blog.)
And outside it's going to get up to 50 degrees today!
I feel like I ought to be planting some spring vegetables.
I'm so confused.  I wonder how the critters feel?


  1. Rebecca we need to enjoy today. They are saying by next week sometime we are going to finally get the dreaded weather, but at this rate I feel like anything could happen.

  2. The poinsettia is lovely. I think Christmas cactus like to get a bit root bound before they really grow well.
    As for the warm January. I'm right there with you!

  3. What a pretty poinsettia!
    My Christmas cactus looks sad and hasn't grown much either. So you're having strange weather too. Bet you really are itchin to start planting. I'm off to take a walk and discover new joys today. I saw some daffys sprouting and the birds are covering the feeders. What a beeautiful winters day!

  4. I like your garden blog, Rebecca, and like you am wondering abut all of the warm weather we have been having, but found out tonight our weather is about to get very cold here. Your poinsettia looks so much better than mine! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I almost bought a Christmas Cactus the other day....but decided against it. I am pretty sure it would not have made it to the next holiday......