march goes out...

 I know that so many people have lilacs.
 For me, I can't get enough of them.
 The sight of them amazes me every spring.
 It's as though I see them for the first time each new year.
 The weather has turned very, very cool.
 I took our grandchildren to our favorite nursery yesterday.
 It was almost too cool to enjoy it.
 I DID get the two of them to pose on the bridge.
 Just look at those beautiful flowering trees behind them!


  1. Lilacs are one of my favorites! Not only are they beautiful but they smell heavenly. Ours aren't nearly ready to bloom, so I'll enjoy yours. :)

  2. The Red Bud trees made a lovely back drop for the photos of the grandchildren! It's turned rather cool here today, after some very nice warm weather these past few weeks, but it will make the blooms last longer! ☺

  3. We took a road trip to north western Ohio last week - the redbuds were gorgeous but our 4 yr old granddaughter said they were pink, her 6 yr old brother insisted they were purple. Made for an interesting trip! I just enjoyed the trip!

  4. What cute kids and that is a beautiful photo with that background. I love the Lilacs.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Hello Rebecca !
    Thank you for stopping by my "garden" : ) ... and you are so right about what a day of sunshine can do to convince plants it is time to shine again ? LOL
    I absolutely love lilacs too .. I have a variegated one but it will be some time before we have blooms from it .. there is nothing like the scent of lilacs is there ? .. I'm sorry for the people that never take the time to enjoy wonderful trees like that.
    Now I can't wait to see mine wake up !
    Joy : )