Sunday Evening Scene

 After a full day shared with our church "family",
we enjoyed a few minutes of reading on the 
rescued wooden glider on our back patio.
 I'd brought out the two asters I'd purchased for $1.99
at our Meijer store earlier today where I'd gone
to develop a couple of pictures of the day's activities.
 I remembered that I'd planted an aster a couple of years ago.
I left my book to see if it was blooming and found it
almost hidden behind some large sedum!
On the way to find the aster, I noticed the barren spot (above).
Note to self:  Do SOMEthing with this area.  Soon!
The sedum are HUGE!  This particular group is the one
hiding the aster....
Heading back to my seat, I noticed the sky had darkened enough
that the solar light had come on.
It was the perfect (artificial) foil for the white blooms of this hosta....
Our Sunday evening scene - peaceful, serene, and totally relaxing.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day! Your sedum are gorgeous!

  2. You are right on that sedum. Wonderful!!

  3. I love Hosta..I use to have a Hosta garden...I am tempted to drive by the house some day to see how big they got.