Scene from a Fire's Side

 Flowers (above).  Better late than never!
 Everywhere, bees!  Do you see the two above?
 'Twas a beautiful evening to warm by a fire of small limbs and branches
 fallen during recent winds and storms.
Across the fire I spied this "shabby" piece of garden art containing three stones
sitting on rickety planks forming a temporary seat on a broken chair.
The number and industry of bees the past couple of days give extra meaning
to the term "worker bees"!
What a delight--to sit by a fire this fine pre-autumn evening...


  1. The one thing you can count on Sedum for is the abundance of bees. There hasn't been a lot here this year until the Sedum went in bloom. Not as many as usual but they are there.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I always get lulled to sleep by cool air and a fire. :)

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    The blue flowers look really lovely. I don't think we have them in Holland. The soft pink of the sedum looks very sweet too.

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  4. Ah, we too have had a nice backyard fire! So early for us to have them but enjoying these cool nights. I fear the humidity may return before a total fall has arrived for us. I am willing to send you a few Elephant Ears if you like. I will have to wait until they die out before I dig them up so it may take a while. Just pop over to In the Garden and let me know.....

  5. The bees really are busy this time of year, aren't they? They sure love the sedum. I'm glad you're doing well. Your outdoor fire looks very welcoming.