Harvest Moon in the Morning

Sunday morning view from our front porch...
down and across the street.
No WAY could the camera on my cell phone 
capture its beauty...


  1. Cool Rebecca! Its a real fall pic.

  2. Great photo Rebecca. Fall is when I really enjoy just looking around at all the different homes and settings around their homes.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Sadly, we missed the harvest moon--it was raining and cloudy, so no moon for us. Thank you for sharing your view! Just found your site and look forward to visiting again soon! (I'm a former Hoosier, but from NW IN.) Cheers!

  4. Love that bright harvest moon high in the sky! I enjoy seeing it through our pine trees. More recently, I was lucky enough to see it over the Georgia Coast!

    The garden doorway below is awesome! Gives one many ideas. Thanks for sharing....

  5. Rebecca I love Harvest Moons! SO DREAMY... and I never grow tired of being in awe of them. Happy Harvest chicky!! xoxo

  6. Okay.. had to come back after seeing what I wrote? egads.... memo to proofread. haha Ohwell; imagine what I wanted to say...