Our Backyard Christmas Cabin

 The sun was already setting when I went out to get this picture this afternoon...
 still you can get the gist of our backyard Christmas cabin.
If you'd like a peek inside, click HERE.
Come on!  I think you'll be surprised.
And Merry Christmas!


  1. Rebecca it's wonderful. Love what you did to the inside also. It's really special. Bet I know where you'll spend a lot of extra time when the weather is better. LOVELY!
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. There's something very cozy about it - even in winter :) Snug & warm. Quiet. Peaceful.

  3. My goodness Rebecca girl I was so surprised when I peeked into your Christmas cabin!! It is such a treasure trove of wonderful items .. and to house extra sleepers is fantastic : )
    No one would think of how surprising the interior is .. I am so glad you let us have a peek inside !!
    Merry Christmas & a VERY Happy New Year girl !!

    1. Our house only has 2 bedrooms - so this was one way we could house our children/grandchildren when they came to visit. One of their families has technically "outgrown" it - but they still want to stay out there when they come. "It's traDItion!" they say :)

  4. I too was surprised to look into the cabin. How cool!I wish you a fine season filled with joy, merriment and a whole bunch of happiness.