The shepherd hooks and piece of rust (above)
were garage sale purchases that will find their special place
in our flower beds - SOMEwhere...
 A leisurely walk-around this afternoon
confirmed the fact that things are dry in northeast Indiana.
 The aggressive ground cover seems undaunted by the dryness
but has failed to choke a young yucca (below).
 Sun is setting, casting shadows on the picket fence
that is patiently bearing the rusty, barbed-wire wreath.

Trios of concrete mushroom and birdhouses
stand unaffected by the dryness.
I guess that's why I like the garden art that is scattered about our lawn and flowerbeds.


  1. It all looks good! I really like your new "piece of rust".

  2. Your garden looks great, dry or not! The new piece of rust and your concrete mushrooms are way cool! I hate to use the f word but when will your first frost come?

    1. Re: the f word......very possibly later this month. If the cicadas are any indicator (some say frost follows their first singing), it could be quite early!

  3. I agree, your garden is doing well. This dryness is worrying me. Our area was never dry before, now it is a regular thing. Where I am from originally, PA is getting too much rain. We can only hope things turn around.

  4. I agree with the previous comments, your garden looks well in spite of a dry weather. Do you shower it ?
    Here, in the region of Paris, we have had a warm and very dry weather. We collect rainwater but as it has not rain enough, the container is empty and I must shower the garden otherwise all my favorite flowers will die.
    I like the mushrooms sculptures.
    Have a good week.