Autumn Disguise

 The little section at the front side of our house
 ends up being more of a holding cell
 for "found" objects.
 It hasn't gotten a lot of tending lately,
 but even with its faults
it wears its autumn disguise well!


  1. You know that is a really pretty area of your yard. Deserves being shown.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Morning Rebecca, You yard is LOVELY! Autumn is the most beautiful time of year....I love the falling leaves! I don't like it when people clean up the leaves too fast.....I want to see it's beauty that God intended! Blessings...thanks for visiting~~~Roxie

  3. You have a very beautiful yard! That bench looks like it is waiting for someone to come sit and bask in the sunshine!

  4. I just figured out....slow on the uptake, I think...that you write TWO excellent blogs, this one and Thrifty Style at 60! I am right, aren't I?

    1. You sure are! And I'm honored to be visited by someone I admire SO much! My husband and I both read your blog religiously )

  5. Oh, I just found your sidebar explanation that you write four blogs. Wow, I have two and sorely neglect the second one.