Other People's Houses

 Just a few outdoor scenes from the beautiful Williams-Woodland 
 Annual Christmas Housewalk...
 This event is always a highlight of our year,
and this year was no exception.
 Temperatures were cold and dropping
but didn't diminish our enjoyment!
 On the way home, I asked Gary to stop the car
so I could take this picture of Jehl's Barn.
It was a fitting climax to our night.
 We drove into our driveway to the sight of our own house and shed
illumined by the simple spotlights we are using this year
instead of the old little white lights...
 Good Night, Moon!


  1. Your house is cute.....the first house kind of reminds me of Sue's house. :)

    1. Oh, really?!? (Sue's house) When is she having her next open house? :)