Waiting in the Wings....Part II

 What a beautiful morning!
 I ventured out into the back yard for the first time
 since my fall and hip replacement surgery on March 16th.
I was overwhelmed with the beautiful sights of spring
along with the accompanying work required to get things in shape!
 My husband will be doing double duty, I'm afraid.
 So much trimming, cleanup, and setting up to do!

 I'm sure I'll spend several hours today trying to figure out
how I can help without hindering my healing process.


  1. Do be careful and let your husband do double duty! He'd much rather do the extra work than have you hinder your progress or, heaven forbid, re injure yourself! Your garden looks beautiful. Keeping you in my prayers!

    1. Thank you (prayers)! And you're right about him (husband)!

  2. I'm glad you're doing well enough to get around. Being out in the warmer weather and seeing Spring bloom is the best medicine!

  3. I am glad to see you are able to get out and enjoy the budding yard.....Frank finally took the motorcycle off the patio...and boy did it open up my living area...it did provide shelter for the birds and squirrels and a wind break...but next year i think it may have to be stored someplace except on the patio...LOL

  4. Hope you continue to heal. Spring is good therapy. It'll get you out there.