just pretending

Just pretending.
Walked through our back sunporch to get to the garage...
Hanging in a basket overhead--these artificial tulips.
Outside.  Snow.
Hopefully, by the time we get home later,
the milder afternoon temperatures will have melted much of it.


  1. I'll be so happy when I see tulips for real!

  2. May spring arrive for you very soon!

  3. Hi Rebecca, I am glad to hear your snow is melted. We've had lots of nice weather, but this week, it is cold. I am glad we got the rain they had forecast, and at 35 degrees for a long time this morning, I am thankful it wasn't a few degrees colder and snow. Last I heard, we had 1/2 to 3/4 an inch.

    I hope you get to spend lots of time outside now, and that your hip is all healed up.