A little debate ensued after I posted the up-close photo
 of the single blue flower (below) on my facebook page
and called it bee balm.
 Apparently it isn't.  
I could use an expert to weigh in and confirm that it may be Bachelor's Button.
Trying to look it up on the internet only confused me.
It says it is an annual.  However, I know this blooms every year.
With no help from me!


  1. I'm no expert but that plant is Centaurea montana, also known as perennial bachelor's button. It's a beauty that grows here but also grew very well in my zone 3 garden. Tough as nails and has a nice fragrance.

  2. I would have said it was bee balm too. It's pretty!

  3. I agree with the Bachelor Button. I'm not an expert either but I did work at Spring Hill Nursery for a time....the famous mail order catalog for plants.