The Season of Our Rudbekias

 Visits to a few of my favorite gardening blogs
 made me realize I almost missed photographing this season of rudbekia
 in my own yard!
(Truthfully, I'm not gardener enough to know if rudbekias are what they actually are!)
For all their beauty, they require very little in the way of nurturing
(except to reign in their aggressive tendancy to multiplication)...
 Here, they entertain us royally
 interspersed with other performers - natural and man-made.
A carpet of color and splendor.
 ....and below, a hint of what is to come!
It's always SOMEthing.


  1. Your rudbekia are so pretty! Ours have been exceptionally nice this year too. Our sedum hasn't started to change color yet.

  2. They're a lovely harbinger of autumn. It's a wonderful part of gardening that there's always something!