Late Bloomers

Liriope muscari variegata. Late bloomers.
Noticed while prowling around our garden beds to figure out
which sedum to dig out and divide for sharing with a friend who requested them.
 Our sedum grew SO large this year.
They were floppy and awkward to handle, but I'm pretty sure they'll grow next spring
if cut back, watered and replanted now.
Below?  A wheelbarrow FULL of the ones we dug out to give away.


  1. Those muscari are so pretty! Our sedum is big too and darker in color than usual!

    1. I was almost afraid to dig the sedum out, but I KNOW how hearty (or is it hardy) they are. I'm sure if she puts them in the ground and waters 'em, they'll be OK next spring. Almost all of ours have fallen out in the middle I simply CANNOT forget to divide them next spring.

  2. Lovely Liriope! That's a lot of sedum! What a generous gardener you are!

  3. Last year a friend shared a lot of Sedum Autumn Joy with me, and I love them! They're great plants.

  4. Nice of you to share the sedum. They are so nice to have when fall comes.