For years, my flowerbeds have been filled by dividing and transplanting what exists.
I've had one lavender plant which I've enjoyed immensely but have never figured out how to divide.
Some time ago, I was lamenting this fact to a friend--the kind of friend who listens well
and takes mental notes.
Imagine my surprise and pleasure to receive these two clumps of healthy lavender 
from her own yard!
My dilemma?
Finding "just the right spot" for it.  Good drainage and at least 8 hours of sun--
both rare here at Gatescroft.
I can't put off this decision much longer.  The lavender is getting restless!


  1. What a sweet friend! I'm sure you'll find just the right spot!

  2. Restless lavender is not a good thing. You never know what they might do if you don't ground them asap!

    1. I think they came with enough of their "native soil" that they survived!