A Winter Walk

 A near-perfect day for a housewalk
 through this lovely neighborhood.
 Carolers sang.
 Christmas colors and decor abounded.
 Behind this door - wonderful refreshments
and artwork created by artists in the neighborhood.
 I didn't feel quite as free to take photographs of the interiors
 but trust me when I say they were every bit as charming as the exteriors!

Most years, we have opted for the evening walk,
but this year I attended The Messiah and so we waited for this afternoon's edition.
As it turned out, it was a fine alternative!  
The Williams Woodland Holiday Tour is one of our favorite activities
of the Christmas season.


  1. It looks like a marvelous tour! I love old homes and so enjoy your posting about this walk each year.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Looking festive. So nice that you had carolers along the way.