"If you can dig a hole, you can plant a Star", reads the tag.
 We can, and we did!
The rose was potted and a memorial plant sent by her nieces and nephews
to my mother's funeral.
I ended up being the fortunate recipient of the bush.
We dug the hole this morning at one of the corners of our front porch.
A light drizzle fell on it all day.
I think the white roses will look lovely against the white trim of the porch!


  1. That's such a unique rose...kinda reminds me of the "old timey" climbers from many years ago. So happy you were the recipient of such a pretty gift...and God watered it all day long for you. ;-)

  2. A beautiful rose to remember your mother by. I'm sorry for your loss.

    1. Thank you. It took to its place like a duck to water :)
      Already producing many, many roses.