Another Day/Another Garden

 Thinking we would see progress at the local County Extension Garden,
we were met by only Nature's progress.
Apparently, the Master Gardeners responsible for maintaining this garden
are still busy in their personal gardens...
 Nature, however, did not disappoint.

The Lilac Department was especially glorious!

We'll return soon. 
Meanwhile, my husband is out early mowing the yard
before the rains expected the next two days...
I'll pull a few more dandelions and transplant a few more hosta 
to a a flowerbed freshly groomed yesterday.
What's keeping YOU occupied in YOUR garden?


  1. Sooo pretty! Our lilacs aren't blooming yet, but lots of other things are starting!

  2. So beautiful !
    I would love to be able to grow Lilacs, but sadly the deer seem to love them as much as we do :(
    Thank you for sharing their beauty.

  3. Oh those lilacs. There's nothing like that fragrance. Feeling a lack of motivation, maybe due to the cold and wet, I've pretty much been doing maintenance tasks in my garden. The list of undone work grows daily.