Buck: Designed by my husband and crafted with the assistance of our friend, Andy.
For more details, check out the August 22, 2009 post here.

It was a busy day in the yard as Gary anchored this arbor and I transplanted a few hosta and black-eye Susans to fill in space in the expanded flowerbed.

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  1. Wow you've been busy (and keeping your husband busy too! 'Sounds like me!)!
    I love it all!
    Your shed is really nice, and I love the black chair and stove dressing outside!
    And the bottle tree is great too! I love unique!
    All the best,
    PS ~ How do you keep up all these blogs?! I have trouble with my two! I'm lucky if I do a Tablescape once a week on my home decorating blog!
    Oh, and you still have time for the Rooster day, it's this Friday (the 28th) I think (or maybe it was Thursday!), anyway it's this week. I'm busy this week so I don't think I'll get a chance.