Discovered at thrift store Tuesday, painted Tuesday evening, in place on Wednesday morning!


  1. I love it. You and I are so much alike in many ways. I love thrift store treasures. I love second hand and discards. Maybe that's because that's how I saw myself...a Second hand rose!

    I was His found treasure..He dusted me off and showed me what true beauty I possessed, my true potential.

  2. WOW You guys are quick! Love it, I was wondering if it was for lighting or plants or just decorations! Happy Blessings in His Name this Lord's Day!!!!! Meg
    ps I want you to see my beanpole so I will send pics soon.

  3. Meg - I have enough glass votive candle holders to fill one (of 3) chandeliers with candles. It ends up looking very pretty at night. I'm in the market for more holders - thrift stores, of course!

    I'm open to other ideas - and can't wait to see your beanpole!