Our Newest Addition

For the scoop, see "Chime Time" at  Working Wonders.


  1. Love the farm bell Rebecca, we have one on our back porch too...I ring it when my husband is away from the house and the noon meal is ready or when calling the grandkids in from the woods. We got ours from a brother-in-law and sister too, isn't that a coincidence!

  2. Where did you find your lovely bell?

  3. I just read that Wanda said you got it from your brother-n-law. I think I need another coffee. :) I like that you placed it on the corner of your deck...it will be great to ring in the new year with on new years Eve.

  4. Ooohh, looks so nice. Would love to hear it ring...

  5. Rebecca,
    I love , love, love...this bell!!! What an awesome corner stone on your deck. Being a watchman - I see it as 'sounding the alarm'. In times past, I suppose it was used for that at one time or another... lovely piece of history.

    I visited your other blog - Life and Godliness - sometime back, and joined - but with my computer crashed at Easter, I think I forgot about about you..it has been hard getting back into the swing of bloggiing, as you read on Jackie's post. I liked what you comented there so looked you up and see that I have already followed you :) I do remember, now that I see you. I have strolled through this blog site, and joined it as well, because I am a gardener too. I have enjoyed my visit and will try to visit more often... thanks for sharing, and may God bless the mighty friendship that you have with your husband and family...

    Patrina <")>><
    His watchman on the wall

  6. Very nice farm bell.

    Praying blessings over you.