April Colors

Bleeding hearts (above) are an old-fashioned perennial species which are easy to grow and a popular favorite for many years.

The most frequently seen variety is the red bleeding heart (D. Spectabilis). This one will actually grow out in full sun but looks better and the flowers last longer if it gets shade from about noon, on. Flowering occurs during May and June but may continue throughout the summer if conditions are good and they're not allowed to set seeds.  This MUST be the variety I have....

One of its very old common names is "lady in her tub," or "lady in her bath." If you hold a dicentra flower by its spurs and gently pull them apart, there she stands, looking for all the world like she must be saying, "Close the door!"  I need to try this--would be great thing to show the grandchildren!

Without a doubt, this is the most colorful season in our yard and flower beds!  It is absolutely beautiful here.

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  1. Oh how lovely! Isn't spring wonderful? I've just not been home long enough to get my flower beds cleaned out. This is the week!