A Good Day to Stay Inside

 The view looking out the same window as my last post!
The wind must have been from a different direction...
I've not seen snow on our screens like this all winter.


  1. Looks like it blew pretty strong. We have ice glaze on some of our windows today. Brrr.

  2. The wind must have been really blowing. I love that second shot!

  3. Gosh that IS beautiful!!!
    Another WONDER!!!!!
    Thanks Lord!!!
    And thank you Rebecca for sharing it with me. ;)
    holykisses.... and warm sunshine!

  4. Hi Rebecca
    Thanks so much for stopping by... the flagstone paths are dug out and have a sand base that is packed down with a tool that pounds the sand and packs it, if it has a name I don't know what it is. Then you lay the stone as close as you want it, like a large jigsaw puzzle choosing the stones that look and fit best together. Finally you apply crushed sandstone like grout in between the rock and that holds it in place. I do get some dandelions and moss between the stone but it pulls out easily. I love the natural look of it.
    Have a wonderful Sunday