Until Spring...

Seeing so many blooms on some of the garden blogs I visit make me very, VERY excited about spring.  However, I think we have a bit of winter to experience here yet.  Some of the snow IS melting these days, and the wind is blowing - hopefully evaporating some of the potential flood waters.
 I found these paintings of irises in a thrift store yesterday.  I will have to settle for them for awhile, I guess.
Until spring...


  1. You had a successful thrift shopping day. Great paintings. I know what you mean about being excited about spring. We had 2 weeks of semi-spring like weather, but now we are back in a winter storm.

  2. What pretty pictures! I love the purple iris one! Today it was around 70 degrees here but they say it's gonna freeze tomorrow night again I believe. With the temps so warm this past week it makes me itch to start planting but as you said... it IS still winter. lol Gosh some of our biggest snowstorms were in March and it isn't even March yet. haha Oh well... THANK GOD for changing seasons coz Spring is lookin mighty good! Keep warm Rebecca! Keep gazing into those beautiful flower paintings

  3. My those pics are absolutely gorgeous. These are what I'm going to be hunting for this yard sale season...We have been getting quite a bit of rain and most of the snow has gone..what is left of the snow that is piled is pretty much brown now..lol..yuck@ All the dirt and grim from the streets.