Farewell to Dreams

 I'm putting away winter magazines. 
It's hard for me to say "good-bye" to this beautiful scene.
 I don't have enough windows to house such a collection of houseplants,
but I can always dream!
All I'd need is a good book or two or a stack of gardening magazines...
Alas!  It's time to say "farewell to dreams" and get out the garden tools!


  1. I'm with you, but I am looking forward to moving plants out of the g/h in a few weeks.

  2. Yes, it is really spring, with its unpredictable weather. I'm behind already, but that's OK. I'm having fun plotting out what to plant in the new area where the tree was. We wont be able to plant another tree right away, and will not have room for a large one.

  3. I'm hoping things dry out and the weather warms up so we can get the onion sets planted next week. That isn't too much to ask, is it?!