Prepping for Spring

This afternoon my husband turned over this entire area --
by hand (well, spade).  
Last autumn, he piled leaves on top of newspaper and kept it wet. 
It turned over fairly easily.
(You can see a few pieces of newspaper that didn't decompose.) 
Our plan is to break up these clods a little better, smooth out the area, 
and then cover with mulch.  
We'll set a couple of Adirondack chairs here 
along with a few other items of interest...maybe our fire pit?
Forecast is for warm weather soon.  Just not yet. First some wind and rain.


  1. Good planning on his part. It looks like it will be a nice area.

  2. He did a good job. That will be a great area to sit and enjoy the garden!

  3. If newspapers come into this house, the last thing I do is read them. They're the best for gardening/yard projects. Does the area fixed for lounging catch a good breeze?

  4. Yes, Mrs. Mo. AND shade under the mature tree! It's also just steps from the front porch of our "backyard" a good place to chat in the evening.

  5. Looks like a wonderful place to set a spell! I can positively imagine a couple adirondack chairs right there!
    Looks like the newspaper and leaves really broke down well! I too love to use old newspapers.

  6. The sight of a bare patch of earth does something for me, akin to a high. You'll have fun filling it in. I never know ahead of time that I'm going to get a new patch, so I don't use the newspaper technique. I should put some newspapers on my compost pile. We pay for recycling, so my husband is quick to get the newspapers out there. I need to get quicker.