So Much. So Early.

Thought I'd best get some photos of these brave blooms
before they meet Jack Frost tonight...
I'll be sad if this tree's beautiful blossoms
are damaged tonight.
Some of the buds are just beginning to open...
 We've dubbed this trio of viburnum bushes "the three sisters".
They're at their peak of fragrance and beauty right now. 
So much!  So early!


  1. Very pretty. Is that a Viburnum blooming there? Mine isn't yet. :)

    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. Yes. (I must have been in the process of writing a bit of script when you commented...I accidentally deleted the viburnum and reinserted them at the end.) They ARE at their peak right now, I believe.

  2. We are under a frost watch too and I'm worried about out flowers. Yours are beautiful!

  3. Great pics! Frost be damned! Love, love viburnum blooms. Ours are about to explode too. Now this is spring, even if it is a little bit early. Best of luck with the frost.

  4. You got some great photos. I hope the frost misses you.

  5. Beautiful pics of your beautiful blooms.. I hope the frost misses you!

  6. I hope Jack Frost does not get you! It is funny how this weather has been as it has turned cold here too. Brrrr. Have a safe trip to NC. Not sure if you are coming to my area of Tennessee (Clarksville) but if you do and have the time you are welcomed to stop in here.

  7. Did your vegetation survive? I sure hope it did as it's just so beautiful. What a 'trick' of nature to coax out the blooms too early. Have a blessed Easter.

  8. Yes, the downside of an early spring is the fear that mother nature might decide to blow a cold wind on us. I'm so glad this hasn't happened. Beautiful photos. Happy Easter.

  9. I'm glad to read in your replies that everything survived. You have such wonderful blooms up there, ones I can only dream about as they would NOT like our heat and humidity at all.

    Wonderful photos.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady