Life on the Wild Side

 Favorite Great Smoky Mountain National Park
 WILD flower discovery and identification.
 With my sister-in-law as guide,
 I identify Bishop's cap
and Jack in the Pulpit...

and forget as many as I remember!

 Dog hobble (below)

 ...and something resembling wild phlox (below) but with fewer "petals"
 and those resembling a heart shape stump even her.
...and I  believe I took the one below for identification purposes
 when we consulted the wildflower book later at home.
Lots of white, some pale lavender, and one or two burgandy trillium.
Trails full of beauty. 
Such is life on the "WILD SIDE".


  1. Very pretty. I always find it interesting what just grows wild that we cultivate in our gardens.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. What a beautiful place to look for wild flowers. Sounds like you really enjoyed your hike. That's a great sister-in-law you have too. Enjoy your day.

  3. Wild flowers are not my strong suit - But I love to look for them - hiking and photo - what a great day!