Hanging Around

Recently hung in our yard....mostly wreathes;
but also a mirror,
 a lantern (can you see it down in the left-hand corner?)
a swing,
and yet another wreath.
 (I like the way the swing is reflected in the mirror, below....)


  1. There are so many interesting things to find and adorn a garden. Those wreaths are unique and add a bit of country appeal. I love when people do creative things to gardens. It adds personality and a sense of permanence.

  2. Girl I love your garden things! SO MUCH... and Just pinned your last photo of the mirror to my Pinterest... SOOO CHARMING!!!

  3. I love the mirror in the garden! Perfect art to reflect and enjoy the garden twice as much! The wreaths are cool too. Made out of mattress springs? I have some of those mattresses on my land so might just have to get out my wire cutters and make some of these cool wreaths.