May Day Minus Flowers

 May Day minus flowers.
Rather, our morning walk took us out to the back
to view the neat pile of wood harvested from a recent limb-removal.
 I transplanted a small twig of forsythia a couple of years ago (I think).
I had hoped for more vigorous growth but haven't really done anything to encourage it...
so (below) this is what we have as of today.
In a few days, our lilac bush and flowering cherry tree will be in full bloom.
Photos to come!
Meanwhile, here are a few views from our side yard.
Survivors--all of them!

I am enjoying visiting gardening blogs more than ever
since our own efforts have been temporarily suspended.
I'm thankful for a hard-working niece who will be handling the basic outdoor chores.
She's hardworking and thorough AND willing to do a few extras, too.


  1. I saw a lot of flowers in your May Day post! How nice to have such a kind niece!

  2. It's not like we have a lot up here to show off this year yet is there? Really irksome how much of the gardening season we are losing this year. Nothing going crazy here either.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Rebecca, beautiful early spring blossoms.

  4. You have quite a few blooms - very pretty!

  5. Give that forsythia time and it will flourish! We had a small one which has turned into one so large that is it now falling to the ground and making new plants for us to dig up and transplant. That is a favorite bush of mine as it is the first to truly glow in the spring...