green, green, it's green they say....

 Rains have finally ceased enough to allow some serious weeding!
 G. took these photos after working one bed
 to document progress, I think.
 I came home to admire his work
and was enchanted by the flowering of the bush-trimmed tree-like (below).
Green, green!  It IS green.


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    1. Mari, I can't leave a comment on your blog for some reason. I keep trying to "check" all the cakes, road signs, etc. to verify and never can quite crack the code! Your yard is looking so great! I would feel so at home at your place, I just KNOW it!

  2. On the far side of the hill......haha! Your garden is spectacular! I must remember to visit this blog more!

    1. :) When I started blogging I kept adding blogs in a variety of subject matters. Some days I think of combining them and doing "thrift" one day; "family" another; "inspiration" one day and "gardening another". So far, that's all I've done --THINK about it!