Weed and Read

 Some of the FIRST blooms of the season are the most exciting ones to me.
 I try to enjoy them in spite of the fact that the weeds are multiplying
faster and farther than I remember them doing other years.
Our weather overall has seemed very cool and very wet 
which no doubt contributes to their abundance.
Last night, my Main Gardener and I sat and read for a short while.
The storm clouds were moving toward us, and when the wind
started to pick up, we resumed our reading inside.


  1. Your rose and clematis are gorgeous! I'm envious of your time to read but am happy for you. This time of year is a bit frenetic for me with work wrapping up and the garden ramping up. Fortunately, it's light later in the evenings now so I can get some gardening in after work before it's dark.

    1. Looks (casual reading) are deceiving!

  2. They are so pretty! Our clematis just started blooming too.
    Nice photo of the gardener too!

    1. Mari, did you happen to see my last message about not being able to leave comments on your blog? I SO want to communicate my admiration for your beautiful lawn & flower beds!