17th Annual DeKalb Show Choirs' Garden Walk

Here, in no particular order, are photos from our afternoon walk
 through eight beautiful gardens in Auburn, IN.
 The well-organized event benefits the local Show Choir.
 The weather was near perfect!

 The only thing that could make it better
would be if we won one of the many drawings for plants or garden supplies!

 I especially enjoyed the garden of a friend. 
I hadn't seen it before...
 (I'd love to find a similar holder and feature the variety of small bottles like the one above.)
I like the fact that the Show Choir members are visible at the various sites.
 It was a very good day.

 Note the chandelier here!  It's holding tea cups and pots.

 We returned home with our heads full of ideas to enhance our own yard and flower beds.

 I didn't mention how reasonably priced this garden walk was!
Only $6 if purchased the day of the walk...

 I wish I had more photos of specific features.
I used the camera on my cell phone, and the sunshine kept me from
lining up my photos as nicely as I would have liked.

I'm really happy we made time for this event in our schedule today.


  1. lots of creative items used in the gardens... my favorite is the one with the fireplace.

    1. That one (with the fireplace) was my friend's. She us UBER-creative. Her garden was my favorite.

  2. I think your admission cost was well worth it. If we lived in the area, we would have loved to go. I enjoyed your photos!

    1. Thanks, Mari! It was (and always is) a special event.

  3. Such beautiful gardens, lovingly tended....
    I love the whimsy pieces in some of them :)
    Thank you for taking us on this special walk today !

  4. Wow, that's a great price for a garden walk! Lots of great ideas in these lovely gardens. I may just use the tea cup chandelier idea! Thanks for sharing.