First Day of Summer

He spent the morning weeding and trimming in our beds this morning.
 This clematis is hidden from view from our house, so it wasn't until he sent in the phot
from is cell phone's camera that I realized it was blooming!
 A major chore was accomplished with the trimming of The Three Sisters
as we've come to call these three viburnum bushes growing along our property line.
For better or for worse, this is how we've been trimming them.
Somehow it appeals to us, but the look requires periodic "pedicures"!
In another part of our yard sits this potted tomato plant.
We are very inexperienced in the vegetable-cultivation department.
Maybe that explains our excitement over finding FOUR tomatoes on the vine last Saturday.
Why in the world have we not done this sooner???


  1. I like your three sisters, and their name too. Hooray for tomatoes!

    1. Not sure WHY we name our bushes :) Hubby asked me yesterday what we called the one standing in the middle of a new flower bed. I suggested "The Queen Mother". Will see if it sticks!

  2. The way you trim the three sisters is very appealing! Isn't it fun to see tomatoes developing on the plants?