All Was Right with the World

 While indoor projects have (regrettably) trumped our time and attention
to outdoor projects this season,
 my pleasure in them has not diminished one bit!
Evening hours found me waiting for a ride in front of the house last night,
and for a brief moment I was captivated by the beauty of the beds;
the coolness of the waning summer hours;
the miracles of God's creation.
For those minutes, all was right with the world...


  1. Simply beautiful...
    There is nothing more magical than the abundance of flowers in the dusking hours.
    God's palette is truly wonderful.

    1. Oh, I just about swooned when I read those words "in the dusking hours". They are such beautiful words...

  2. So pretty! I was out admiring our sedum this evening too.

    1. I can't decide which shade of pink/rose/burgundy I like best, but find it interesting that each change seems appropriate for the season in which it happens...