May Day

 These tulips were rather late in coming
only to be beat upon by the recent hard rains and winds.
 Sorry to have been able to enjoy them for such a short time...
Meanwhile, I'm eager for the sunshine to be matched by temperatures
warm enough to actually sit outside and enjoy it!
May Day it is...and the sun is having a difficult time trying to decide
whether to shine or hide!


  1. What a pretty color your tulips are, and determined it seems to bloom with or without sunshine !
    Hopefully you'll be enjoying your porch swing in the near future :)
    Happy May day to you.

    1. Thanks, Jo!
      I was so excited - seems they've multiplied since last year....but the storm sure did do a number on them!

  2. It's rainy and cold here today, but better things are coming! The tulips are pretty!

  3. Your tulips sure are pretty! Here's to warmer days to come!