not everyone's cup of tea

They may not be EVERYone's "cup of tea", 
but these spiderwort thrill me with their blue and wild appearance.
They seem perfectly placed around the old wood of a lilac bush in one of our flower beds.
 And finally,
a rose campion!  
Years ago, in another time and another place,
I had some.
Now, here.
And I remember why I liked them.


  1. I love the Spider Wort plant, especially those beautiful blue flowers. We have one handed down from a family member, now deceased, and each year when I spot the first flower, I look towards heaven and say "Granny, your Spider Wort is in bloom "..
    Rose Campion, such a lovely little flower too.

    1. Awwwwwww. Doubly special (handed down from a loved family member)... ♥

  2. Spiderwort is a sweet plant that demands so little and gives so much. Speaking of giving so much, your rose campion will give you lots of seedlings and spread nicely.

  3. I agree (demanding so litte/giving so much). Just what I need at this stage of life/gardening! Oddly, I can't remember GETTING or PLANTING the rose campion. I almost thought I had lambs' ear here and told my husband to trim it back! THEN noticed the flower and realized what it was.

  4. We have some spiderwort too - and I like it as well! I never heard of rose campion though - very pretty!