1. Hi Rebecca,
    I was reminded that you left a comment on my blog last week when I decided this evening that I have been neglecting my Christian blog, and wanted to visit those that had visited mine. I'm glad I finally made it here. It looks like we have some things in common. I like getting things at thrift stores and garage sales to fill spaces both in and outside. I am planning on doing some cleaning this summer, and trying to go to fewer garage sales, at least until the cleaning is done.

    I have enjoyed your posts, and am commenting here, because I like this set of photos the best so far.

    God bless!


  2. Love your garden blog. Ok, how do you get hostas to grow so large and blemish free? I haven't had any luck. Am wondering if the soil is the key. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden. The quotes and verses, plus music make this a quiet and meditative experience.

  3. Unplanned neglect seems to be my "secret". I divided several again this spring and put them in other spots and they have flourished beyond my expectations. I DO know they don't want a lot of sun - although some of mine get morning sun....I don't know much about soil. One of our new beds was made by laying newspaper on grass, covering it with leaves last fall, and turning it all over and raking it smooth this spring. Hosta, mums and sedum all seem to like it!

  4. Rebecca, thanks for stopping by my blog. I just had a wonderful visit here looking at all your beautiful plants and accessories!