White Out

 I wish I had a ga-zillion of these!  They are so beautiful.  Before we moved to Harlan six years ago, I don't remember seeing Rose of Sharon (I'm sure I did--just don't remember).  But here, they are EVERYwhere.  I dug up three extras from an alleyway a couple of years ago.  Wish I'd helped myself to more.
The white on this particular hosta is SO attractive.
I didn't venture out to photograph the white roses.  The grass is very wet from recent rains.
I notice the weeds are growing like crazy, too! 


  1. A gazillion of those beauties would be a sight folks would come from far and wide to see. Lovely!

  2. That is a beautiful rose of sharon and the hosta blooms are huge. Grow those for the flowers instead of the leaves.

  3. We have a Rose of Sharon just like that. I love them!

  4. Your rose of sharon is lovely, Rebecca...your rain finally reached us this evening!

  5. Rebecca thank you so much for your kind comments !
    Wow ! that is a gorgeous Rose of Sharon : )
    I have missed the beautiful white flowers on some of my hosta due to being laid up .. and I am on the look out for a white rose that has wonderful scent and good disease resistance .. so if you know of any please let me know : )
    Thanks again

  6. I have enjoyed my walk through your garden. Everything is beautiful. I like the crib on the back porch. I planted a couple of hostas by our front porch under the shade tree and this spring they bloomed. One of my favorite garden plants.