Heat Hearty

I'm not sure HOW they manage to look so fresh in this oppressive heat!
I think I detected a sigh of relief from these I brought into the air-conditioned house yesterday! 
"What dreadful hot weather we have!  It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance."
-- Jane Austen


  1. Those brown eyes are really something. They must be most happy in the heat! Glad something is because it is not this human.

  2. Seems some plants love it hot. I took a photo of some of those in front of a business the other day and have it as the background on my new computer currently.

  3. "Sherlock", I'll bet they make a BEAUTIFUL background! And NEW computer?! How exciting for you.

  4. I was actually just admiring ours, and thinking that they are doing so well in this heat.
    Yours look beautiful too!

  5. It is amazing how some flowers seem to love the heat. They do wonderful down here in the Deep Sticky Southern Summers...

    Little T is adorable working in the garden with Grandpa! It is so important to get those kids in the yard to enjoy nature at an early age. Beauty is indeed a beauty next to the beast, LOL...