Scene on the Sun Porch

I recently re-purposed this vintage baby crib.  It sits on our back sun porch overlooking the back yard.  Currently, it is only cool enough to sit out there in the early mornings.  As autumn approaches, we will be able to spend more time here.

I like the one that sits along the creek at Creekside Rummager,  don't you?

I'll need to wash these windows before we spend a whole lot more time out there?!  (But honestly, they aren't as bad as this makes it seem.)

Enclosing a major part of our deck to create this three-season porch was a good decision for us.  Since we have such a busy road in front of our house, we enjoy the quieter option in the back.


  1. I like your crib just as well as the other one. I didn't know you could use them as a place to sit! You never cease to amaze me!

  2. LOVE your cabinet and also the crib!
    I should think about doing something like that with Jayden's old crib (well, we actually bought it new but it's iron and it's got a very 'vintage' look).

    That looks like a beautiful peaceful spot to sit and look out on the world! And I love the idea of enclosing it!

  3. Hi Rebecca - glad you posted your crib too. I wanted to see it. How wonderful to have a porch that's enclosed to enjoy more of the year. It also protects the things on the porch. I am always whisking leaves off our furniture. Cute cabinet too. Thanks for the link to my blog. Have a great week.

  4. What a neat idea. It looks most comfy and inviting. I hope it cools down soon too.

  5. That is a great way to recycle a crib! I liked the one you linked also but a bit too rustic to me. I like your clean look a bit better :-)