September Sadness

I'm not sure why I was sad as I strolled through our yard this morning...
Could it be the thinning of leaves,
the straggly awkwardness of once-proud perennials,
the strong hints of the coming "deadness" of winter,
or the regrets for things neglected in season past?
The squirrels seem to notice NONE of it - scampering and screeching
far too fast for my camera to catch their activity. 
I'll take a lesson from them and apply myself to tasks at hand today.
Focused, thorough and (hopefully) productive.


  1. Maybe it's the feeling of ending, but once the season turns the corner and Autumn hits us full force, it's a really good time of the year. Think harvest and giving thanks, time for warm inviting fires and cozy winter sweaters, plus hot chocolate and cider. Have I made you feel better yet, Rebecca? Sometimes change makes me a little melancholy too! :)

  2. I DO feel better already, Wanda. (Usually change doesn't sadden me...but it did kind of seem to come fast this year--AND there is not quite the beauty that I anticipate somehow. Leaves aren't changing so much as dropping, it seems.)

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better. I generally enjoy the change of seasons, although we probably have milder ones here that where you are. I think its kind of like having a party - winter is when you begin to think about what you are going to do, spring is all the fun prep, summer is the party and fall is the cleanup and time to reflect on how things went.

  4. It is a bit sad when things start to get ready for their long winters nap, sigh...

    I love your idea of putting a grapevine wreath on a trellis! I may borrow that idea if I may...

  5. Skeeter, I'm sure I've probably borrowed MANY ideas from you! I'd be honored if a picture from OUR yard triggered an idea for you :)

  6. It's funny how the rodents are revving up this time of year - winter's coming all too soon. Fall is definitely bittersweet in the garden - just put up my bright orange autumn wreath, knowing what's to follow...

  7. Found your blog(s) thru visiting creeksiderummager. I live in central Indiana, just north of Indy! I love the seasons and am already looking forward to spring. Been gathering seeds and planting. Your blogs are just inspirational and I especially love all the quotes. I'll visit here often! Thanks so much.