The Rocks Cry Out!

 I'll find another spot for the stone (bottom left) that I removed to make a place for  "Home Sweet Home" ...
...while THIS stone seems comfortable here next to another entrance to our front porch.  I felt blessed to find both of them at a garage sale yesterday for $1@.  I am soothed by the silent messages these rocks convey.  I hope our guests feel the same!


  1. What a nice find. I like both of them. How nice to be surveying the garden and find the messages.

  2. ooh!! Good find. Nice sentiments to have in the garden.

  3. I like your new find. I enjoy decorating around our yard and garden with rocks and other novel things. I hope I use good taste as you have.

  4. What an excellent find! It will make up for feeling melancholy about fall. The changing of the seasons always seems a bit sad to me too.