At Last! My Asters!

I've longed for some of these blue asters for several years now.  
Finally, this week, I sought information at our local nursery.  
"Technically, they're annuals," I was told.  "But with good root stimulator and winter mulching, mine are in their third year," she added.
Maybe I shouldn't have, but I opted for a smaller container at our Meijer store ($1.99)
and bought two instead of one more expensive one at the nursery...
Planted in the bed directly behind our garage, they share space with these beautiful companions...
wild mums (unshaped with prolific blooms, and sedum--tall and regal).


  1. It sounds like you have really worked to keep these beauties going. Your garden bed looks wonderful. Love your rusty pieces. I have one like that. Per my blog, I think the bugs were Carpenter Beetles or Wood Infesting Beetles - they are probably the same bug.

  2. Breathtaking!!! I have to tell you I love those rusty cultivator wheels just as much as thee asters!! Hope to find one someday!

  3. Lea, we found a bunch of them at a junk yard (we live in a rural area) -- maybe before they were desirable...

  4. Creekside...thanks for answering my question :)

    I actually haven't "worked" very hard. I've been FAR too lazy this summer. Should have shaped those mums but have enjoyed their wild look this year.

  5. Buying two small ones instead of a large one at the nursery was most smart. I'm with you on that! They look great. What a wonderful pairing of the blue with the coral of the sedum-that is simply awesome!