Black Walnuts: The Fall

 Welcome, new gardening friends!  
I noticed you.
Your presence makes up for the bareness of our 
single black walnut tree.
Most of the walnuts were in the shadows on the ground this morning.  
This afternoon I almost completely filled two rather large garbage cans with them.  
Sure wish I knew someone who had the patience to dig out the meat!
These two tried to hide to escape the rake, but I found them!
It was a BeaUtiFuL day to work in the yard and flower beds.  
I hated to see it come to an end.


  1. Isn't it a shame they are so hard to clean, crack open and pick out. One year we gathered and dried, then all winter husband and young g/sons cracked them by using a large vise attacked to his work bench, you know the kind you crank. It was entertaining for the kids and the walnuts cracked open more uniformly!

    Rebecca, we have 29 walnut trees that were loaded this year. The squirrels are happy and a few friends and neighbors.

  2. Wanda, do you have to pick them up or are they in the woods where nature takes care of them?

    Our were LOADED also! The squirrels have been making a mess on our deck, on the sidewalks, etc.