Savoring a Sunny Saturday

We're slowly adding mulched leaves and grass to this area around the tree.  We put newspaper under them to kill the grass.  The plan is to turn it all over next spring and begin a new bed and seating area from which to view...
Maybe the next to the last tomato of the season!
our little vegetable garden intermingled with...
 roses, grasses, hosta, sedum, and
Some ground cover (still blooming) continues to spread, while
 the maple in front holds its colors a little while longer.
And all day - sunshine!


  1. Looks like a wonderful day! It's cool here, but the sun is shining. The leaves look so pretty with the sun shining on them.

  2. Lovely photos, Rebecca. And sounds, too! Wowsers. Susan

  3. I love the shot of the maple with its flaming leaves. Great idea for around your tree, good luck ! Gina

  4. Rebecca girl that is a beautiful shot of the chairs in the late sunlight .. my favorite time of the day : ) .. you have some very pretty plants still flowering for you ! .. and that red red tomato ! .. Your lonely gorgeous leaf could use a play date with mine : )

  5. Joy, MY thought exactly! (About our leaves getting together.)

  6. Rebecca, that maple tree is just gorgeous!
    Bet that red mater tastes positively wonderful... oh how I wish they lasted all year long.

    The sitting area is awesome. Those adirondack chairs look so inviting and it looks like you've worked really hard to mulch up that ground.
    The joys of gardening!!!

  7. Wonderful seating to use in the warm weather. That red maple is gorgeous.

  8. It looks so pretty there, similar to how our weather has been. I love sunny fall days. Your new seating area will be a nice shady spot to enjoy your garden from.