Exciting Times!

 After an enthusiastic rain this morning,
my husband went out to mow the lawn this afternoon.
Its growth had been rapidly accelerated by the recent
(and desperately needed) rains.
He came into the house to announce the sprouting
of several "surprise lilies"!
I went out to take these pictures of some of my favorite flowers!
Very soon, they will have popped up
(and I mean as much as 3' up)
all over several of our flower beds.
Exciting times!!!!


  1. I love those kinds of surprises!

  2. So nice that you got rain and your lilies are popping up!
    I actually dug up my surprise lilies awhile back. Wow were they over crowded. They were pushing on each other so much, they all had flat sides. Like a bunch of boxes in there. I planted them in more areas. One is sprouting but I don't really expect a show this year. I'll just enjoy yours.

  3. Well I will watch for mine to see if they are coming up. They didn't bloom last year in their new location so if they don't this year I must have the planting dept wrong. It's so awful trying to get it right.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I love these!! I think I only have one left (something keeps happening to them) but I haven't seen it yet so I'm not sure. Exciting for you indeed!