A Season on the Brink

 Exactly WHAT season
and what brink
I'm not sure...
But this IS the scene in our garden as we begin the
fourth straight day of four-digit-temperatures.
(I've accidentally deleted pictures of the storm damage
from last week.  Don't have the energy to go back
and re-enter them.)
Meanwhile, only the strong survive!


  1. Same here Rebecca. Isn't this weather horrendous? My garden is so burned up, already looking at some losses and expecting more. Even with watering, plants just can't handle this much heat for this long without rain water. Hoping things get better soon for both of us.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Proof that we are a poor substitute for what God can do. We can water and water and its either not enough or its too much or at the wrong time, but God waters our gardens and they seem to just burst with life! I love how He speaks to me in the garden or maybe that's where I just hear best. :)

  3. And I think even the water is different. One good rain does more for the lawn than hours of watering with ground water!

  4. I agree with Vicki... and some of the bushes I see are getting odd tints to them..:(

  5. It's hot and dry here too. Your garden looks good in spite of it.

  6. This heat is awful this year! Weatherman has reported over 2,500 record breaking temps Nation wide this year. I know we have broken our share here in GA… I am sorry you had storm damage. We had storms nearby last evening that cooled things down to the point that I was able to weed a few things without breaking into a sweat! It has been several months since I could say that! Then the rains fell and it was like Heaven opened up her doors onto the gardens. My gardens look so happy and green today!

  7. As a quad I just can't handle such heat. It's a really weird thing that occurs. Not only do we get overheated but that hot feeling will last till I sleep it off. So coming from a kid who spent his fair of time on the edge of the Outback, it's quiet an irony. But the heat made me digress.Nice pix

    1. Patrick, I can't wait to find out more about you! A quad?!? As in Quadruplet? (Or is there another meaning?)